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Louise Ali

Louise Ali

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About this Session

Do you like and value yourself? Do you show yourself kindness and forgiveness? Do you feel strong and energised? You might not be able to answer yes to all those questions all the time – it’s at those moments that you are lacking self-esteem.

And when you’re lacking in self-esteem, how can you possibly achieve your full potential?

In this session Lou is going to take a look at the importance of believing in yourself and share some tools and tips she’s picked up that will help you understand a bit more about who you are, why you are the way you are, and things you can do build confidence in yourself and your team. It’s these practices which have helped Lou improve as an individual AND as a colleague and leader, so even if you don’t think this talk is right for you RIGHT NOW, it could help you help your co-workers and your future self. Lou isn’t a qualified councillor or therapist, so she’ll approach this talk as an ex-patient. Someone who’s been there, had the therapy, got the t-shirt and wants to share it all with you with a goal of helping the entire industry be better and feel better about themselves.

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