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Mo Kanjilal

Mo Kanjilal

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About this Session

We live in a diverse world. People are different genders, races, nationalities, personality types, abilities, and we all live different lives with different perspectives and experiences. Yet the structures of our society are geared towards the same dominant groups. So there is no focus on including people who are different.

This talk will look at the story of being different. How being different shapes life experiences. And if companies can recognise the differences in people, celebrate them and embrace the different characteristics people have, then they will benefit from the wonderful variety of perspectives people bring.

As well as this being the right thing to do to create cultures of belonging, this applies to brands, marketing, product and service development and all functions of companies too. Instead of appealing to one demographic, or dominant groups, understanding the power of being different will help brands. It will help people to create compelling, creative content and communications which reach out and engage with a wide variety of people. It will help companies to create products and services to solve the world’s problems. There is true power in being different.

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