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Sean Butcher

Sean Butcher

Reflect Consultancy

About this Session

It’s so hard to recruit great digital marketers, and we make huge efforts (not to mention vast sums of money!) on the hiring process. Yet when that new person comes through the door on day 1, they’re often ‘left to it’, sometimes with the mindset that its ‘HRs job’ to onboard them into the business!

In this talk, Sean will argue that this traditional way of thinking is up for disruption, and WHY this is a responsibility which needs to be shared amongst the team, with line managers taking particular responsibility for integrating new starters into the business.

We’ll look at at the various touch points a new member of the team needs to ensure they have a great onboarding experience, and therefore increase the chance they will stay with the business in what is a critical stage for their long-term engagement – particularly in this new post-Covid world of work.


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