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With a multitrack event like brightonSEO, you’ve always got the tricky decision on which talk to attend because you can only be in one place at time. After the last event we asked our attendees for how they thought we could help them choose the right talk for their interests and experience and came up with some ideas.
Different people come to the event for different reasons, some people are just starting their career in search, others have a broader marketing experience but lack experience in search and others have been working in search for years.

Equally people have different learning styles, some people love nitty-gritty hands on talks, whilst an equal number come to be inspired top think differently.

So we came up with the classification scheme and asked each speaker to categorise their talks. Now you can plan you day not just based on the title of a talk and who’s speaking but also the approach and level the talk is planned for.




Fundamentals – SEO is new to you as a topic, you might know the basics but want to understand more.

All-rounder – You’ve got a broad marketing background where SEO is one of a number of areas you cover.

Specialist – SEO is a major part of your job, you’ve been doing it years and want to improve and develop your skills.

Hardcore – You’re a search marketing expert looking for the one new and advanced idea you can take back and implement.



Hands-On – A practical talk were an attendee can leave with an immediate list of things they can do when they get back to the office

Theoretical – Looks at the broader picture, might not include much that would be instantly implemented but will influence the way you think and approach your work in the future.

Inspiration – About the big ideas. Not immediately practical but will leave the audience motivated and inspired to take their work in a new, and potentially different location.


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