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If you’re on the look out for place to Vegan, Vegetarian or Gluten Free place to eat during the lunch break of brightonSEO or the evening of the event we’ve got you covered.

Purezza, Vegan Pizzeria

Purezza is owned by a lovely Italian and English couple who moved down from London to open up their dream. As Brighton is renowned for it’s great vegetarian and vegan community, cafes and restaurants, they thought that it was the perfect city to start sharing their exciting vegan recipes and dishes to the UK. Available for takeaway too.  


Rootcandi, Vegetarian & Vegan

For anyone that believes vegetarian is all lentils, brussel sprouts and broccoli – they need to come back down to mother nature’s earth and visit a quaint tapas place called Rootcandi. A great addition to the buzzing Brighton’s vegetarian scene, Rootcandi is a plant-based, vegan restaurant with out of this world flavours and textures.


Food for Friends, Award Winning Vegetarian Food

Food For Friends’ ethos is to make vegetarian food fun, new, exciting, and sophisticated is what has kept them a locals favourite for over 30 years. Food For Friends are constantly innovating and changing the way that the world sees vegetarian food, proving that it doesn’t always have to be a stuffed pepper or a salad to be vegetarian, and this is exactly why their food appeals to us omnivores too.


And for even more choices:

Gluten Free Restaurants

Vegetarian Restaurants

Vegan Restaurants

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