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Timing your Tweets

With tweets often disappearing faster than free BrightonSEO tickets it’s essential that an organic tweet hits your followers at the perfect moment.

Our tool of choice for working out the right time is Moz’s Followerwonk. Using their ‘Analyze’ option add in any Twitter handle, choose to ‘analyze their followers’ and there you have it, a complete 24 hour graph of the most active times your followers are browsing.  


For @brightonseo this means between 10am-12pm plus 4-5pm are going to be good, but that quickly drops off come home time post 5pm.

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Finding Affinity on Facebook

With EdgeRank bleeding organic reach dry, finding the best times to publish your posts is becoming ever more critical; unless you have an unlimited budget to keep paying of course.

Thankfully Facebook’s Insights provide part of the answer.

Head to your pages Insights and under the ‘Posts’ tab and you’ll be presented with a graph of ‘When your fans are online…’



So in this instance posting around 9pm would be much preferred compared to 9am.

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Finding Instagram’s #primetime

With the good old days of chronological feeds slowing fading, timing posts is going to become ever more important as algorithms similar to Facebook’s EdgeRank take hold.

Thankfully, Buffer has a solution.

Launched in July, Buffer now integrates with Instagram (nothing new on that front – Hootsuite got there almost a year before). However, what Buffer does offer is the chance to organise previous posts via their analytics to pull out the ‘Most Popular’ posts (made from a combination of likes and comments).

Just log in, hook up your Instagram account and hit ‘Analytics’ to begin.

You’ll need a paid account to do this but it means you can compare what’s popular with the times you scheduled posts and start picking out trends.


What you also need to know…


On your marks, set, go!

So, there you have it. 3 tools for 3 channels; all to hopefully point you in the right direction and get your timings on track.

As digital marketers we put crazy levels of effort into idea planning, copywriting, image sourcing and editing for social. Yet when it comes to scheduling simply pushing something live based on hunches or outdated online advice should never be the case. So, experiment, test, learn and adapt to see what works for your audience.

Tweet me with your thoughts – but just make sure it’s at an optimised time at @danwht

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