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I may be one of a handful of content marketers that can probably admit to enjoying outreach, no really I do.


It all began when I first started at Datify.

I was a complete newbie to the world of digital and had never even heard of outreach, yet after one month in my new role I secured a client placement on The Mirror with a link back to their site. Boom!


I had tasted success, and there was no way I was going back.


Yet we’ve all had those days where it appears the world is against you, and either nobody is getting back to you or every man and his dog is rejecting you.

It’s like being consistently dumped, and you can sit there getting frustrated, disheartened, upset and even begin comfort eating on the office supply of chocolate.


So before you dive into that next share bag of Twirls, I’ve listed my strategy for getting out of the outreach rut and my head back into the game.


Is what you’re offering really relevant to the site?

I always outreach with multiple angles for a client depending on the style of site and what they look for.

If you’ve not even taken the time to look around and understand the style content they accept and to see if they have contributor guidelines, then you need to get with the programme.

Part of being in outreach is investigating how to get featured in the first place.


Just for a moment, put yourself in their shoes.


Thanks to my personal blog I’m often on the other side of outreach, and my mouth drops at how little they’ve done in regards to investigating myself and my likes, despite my personal profile being splashed across social media.

From discussing my tallness (this made me spit out my tea as 5.3 is hardly classed as tall), or about my dog, (you don’t need to look far to know I’m as crazy cat lady as they come).


Have you mixed up the subject titles to see what works?

You cannot act like all outreach is the same, because people aren’t the same.

What might work for one, might not work for another, so be brave enough to play around with your subject title.


We all work in an age where we have a constant stream of emails, so be real about what’s going to work. Whether that means getting to the point in the subject title about what you want, or making it personal.


Did you make it personal?

And on that note, let’s talk about making it personal, and I don’t mean just asking if they’ve ‘had a great weekend’ or getting a little stalkerish and asking about their cheese sandwich that you’ve seen them mention on twitter.

I mean taking the time to read their articles, and make a real authentic connection.


It’s a no brainer that you should first of all send the email to their personal email address and not the info@.

I don’t care that it’s the only one listed on the site, you know it’s only going to end up in some generic company inbox that gets checked by the intern.

For a better success rate go to the organ grinder and not the monkey.


Get Feedback


It’s important to know why you’re getting rejected in the first place otherwise how are you ever going to be able to improve?


In Paddy Moogan’s Link Building Book, he suggests that you should always reach out again and get feedback, and to actually listen to the feedback given.

Perhaps then you can offer something that’s more suitable?


Even if you get rejected, be grateful you got an answer and ask why.


Pick Up the Phone

It honestly appears that we’re all allergic to picking up the phone, even though we all spend 90% of our times robotically swiping on it.


Yes, it can be a painful experience trying to get through to the person you need to talk to, but you’ve just turned a long winded email into a 10 minute conversation and got exactly what you needed. So what’s stopping you?


Hit Refresh

If you’ve been through the check list and still finding yourself wanting to order a dominos or watch re-runs of The Office, then next on my list is always an attitude adjustment.

Rather than continuously get stuck in a rut I get away from my empty inbox completely and go for a walk, do some colouring, talk to my team about alternative angles or just change my task completely.


There’s no point in getting blinkered by continuously slogging through when it’s clear you’re on a loosing streak.

Whether you need to watch cat videos on YouTube or play a little Cards Against Humanity, change your mind set to a more positive one, don’t take it personally and get back on the horse the next day with a new strategy in mind.


Outreach is damn hard, and it’s easy to get stuck in a rut.

Especially when your company is growing but you’re struggling find the talent to stomach outreach. Be bold, be brave and victory will be yours!

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