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Saija Mahon will be speaking at the next BrightonSEO conference on the 22nd of April 2016.
Since being kids, we love hearing exciting stories don’t we? As youngsters, our lives are filled with fairy tales, cartoons, comics and kids movies. Nothing much seems to change after we enter into adulthood – we still love stories.

We continue to read books, novels and other publications. We go to theatre to enjoy a play; we consume movies at home and at the cinema. As emotional and visual beings, we love to be entertained. We love to feel, we love to experience and be part of an experience.

We love to belong to something.

Creating a sense of purpose

As companies and brands, our main aim is to entertain, establish an emotional connection with our specific target audience, and most of all – ensure our customers feel that they are a part of our brand story.

We exist for the benefit of our customers, we make their lives easier, provide solutions to their challenges – and overall make our customers feel happier in their daily lives. Meaningful connections last a long time. Sense of purpose makes us tick and stick.

How to build a great brand story?

In order to create an amazing brand story that will catch people’s attention and get them to listen in a highly crowded market place, it’s important that business owners dedicate proper time to plan and build a brand story.

It is imperative to realise what brand storytelling is about and what it’s not about. As mentioned previously, key concept to a great brand story is to make your customers part of it. Have them at the core of it if you can.

Let’s take a look at what brand storytelling is:

Let’s also take a look at what brand storytelling is not:

Unify your message across all channels

Once you have your brand story nailed; knowing what your company stands for, realising your long term vision and values – ensure that your message gets across to your target audience and customers in a unified manner.

Keep your message strong across your advertising and marketing campaigns, website copy, social media and other channels of communication.

Consistent brand story can give your company a powerful voice, regardless of your company size. Memorable, meaningful and integrated approach to brand storytelling will ensure you are enabling your customers to experience your company journey with you.

There’s nothing more enticing than being emotionally appealing.



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