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Inside Google Ads

Become a Google Ads Expert. Gain instant access to 50+ practical and updated lessons, taught by an ex-Googler, plus a virtual monthly meet-up to get your burning questions answered.

Jill Saskin Gales

Jyll Saskin Gales

Marketing Consultant, Coach and Teacher at Learn with Jyll

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Jyll worked at Google for 6 years, bringing the best of Google’s insights and advertising to the world’s largest businesses. Since leaving, she's built successful businesses entirely using Google Ads, coached others to do the same, made all the mistakes (so you don’t have to), and worked with $10 to $1 million budgets — and everything in between. Now, she's a marketing coach, consultant and trainer. She advises business owners across industries and sizes, helping them get the best ROI from their marketing. Jyll teaches at Google for Startups, Camp Tech, Jelly Academy, Elevate, boutique agencies, Fortune 100 companies and her own Learn with Jyll platform. She is a contributing writer for WordStream, Today in Digital Marketing’s Google Ads Correspondent, a Marketing News Canada podcast host, and is proud to be TikTok's resident @the_google_pro with more than 60,000 followers tuning in for her bite-sized, actionable marketing tips. Jyll is a Google Partner with 8 Google Ads certifications. She's also certified in Google Analytics, Facebook Blueprint, LinkedIn Ads and Amazon Ads. Jyll has an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA in Psychology & Child Development from Tufts University.

With Inside Google Ads there are no hacks, no tricks, no cheating the system. Just practical, easy to digest lessons, guided by a Google Ads expert. It’s all about how to work with, not against the platform to get the best out of it - and at your own pace! Not only will you gain instant access to 50+ lessons, and new ones added every month, but are also invited to attend a monthly meet-up. In these virtual meetings, Jyll guides you through existing and new features for Google Ads, provides practical tips with use cases, and answers your questions related to your campaigns. These regular sessions also include exclusive access to special guest experts in Google Shopping, Conversion Rate Optimization, Lead Generation and more.

Course content

Campaign Set-up: Set-by-step tutorials

  • Learn how to set up various campaign types including Search, Display, Discovery, YouTube, Shopping, Performance Max Campaign (Ecommerce), Performance Max (Lead Gen).

Getting Started in Google Ads Account

  • Familiarize yourself with Share Impression Share, Columns, Segments, Reach vs Efficiency Metrics, Account Structure, and How to Grant Account Access.

Data Foundations: Conversions, Attribution, Audiences

  • Get a handle on what your data means and how to refine it with Conversion Tracking, Shopify & Google Ads, Google Tag Manager, Remarketing & Similar Audience Setup, Linking Google Products, and Data-Driven Attribution (DDA).

Targeting: Keywords & Audiences

  • Understand how to reach people based on who they are, their interests and habits with Ad Groups, Keyword Match Types, Negative Keywords, Quality score, Custom Audiences and Optimized Targeting..


  • Learn the difference between ad types from Responsive Search and Ad Extensions to Dynamic Keyword Insertion and Call Ads.

Bidding & Budgets

  • Get the most out of your campaigns with tips on how to develop your bid strategy and budgets.


  • Learn about formats for YouTube and Performance Max.

Campaign Optimization: Step-by-step tutorials

  • Discover how to optimize your search and discovery campaigns with practical steps.

Ecommerce & Google Merchant Center

  • Familiarize yourself with Merchant Center, Dynamic Remarketing Techniques, and How to Filter Products in a Shopping or Performance Max Campaign.

B2B & Lead Generation

  • Develop Ads that attract your B2B audience.

Google Analytics

  • Navigate Google Analytics for Google Ads and How to set up UTM Parameters as well as a GA4 Property.

Planning & Insights

  • Dive into your data through Audience Manager, Keyword Planner and Google Trends to understand and optimize your performance, and with special tips for new product launches.

Troubleshooting Common Challenges

  • Get clear answers to some of the most common questions related to campaign activation and performance

Steal these Templates!

  • Simplify your process with a blueprint for Responsive Search, Google Ads Account Audit, and YouTube formats.

With Inside Google Ads, you’re never “done” as the lessons are constantly updated to reflect ongoing changes and advances in the ads platform. Many members stay active exclusively to attend the Monthly Meet, which is packed with the latest Google Ads insights and tips, and offers a forum to get your specific questions answered by Jyll.

Who is this course for?

Inside Google Ads is designed for paid ads practitioners (agencies, freelancers, in-house teams, business owners, etc.) from Beginner to Intermediate level. It’s perfect for those who kinda feel like they know what they’re doing, but want to feel like they are 100% in control. This membership program is also a trusted voice for Google Ads practitioners, providing the training, mentorship and support they need to advance their skills and careers.


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