SEO Project Planning

SEO Project Planning

How to create a release plan for your SEO projects.

Adam Gent

Adam Gent

SEO Consultant & Product Manager at Gent of Search

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Adam is a Technical SEO Consultant and Product Manager. He's built his career planning, managing and executing SEO strategies for companies like, Ladbrokes Sports and bathstore. I He moved into a Product Manager role at DeepCrawl (Lumar), a website intelligence platform used by enterprise companies like eBay, Ikea and Lego. As a Product Manager at DeepCrawl, Adam led multiple product squads, helped identify impactful problems, crafted a clear strategy and roadmap, and translated requirements into realistic release plans for delivery teams. He writes a weekly newsletter,, which is read by 5,000+ SEOs from some of the largest companies in the world, including Shopify, Adidas and the BBC.

In this course, Adam will teach you to scope, plan and create a web development strategy for an SEO project so your features get released.

You will learn the tried-and-tested process he's used to create a technical SEO roadmap, write up requirement docs, and work with developers to create a release plan for SEO projects.

The course is self-paced, and the content is structured in five easy-to-follow modules.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Create an SEO product roadmap
  2. Write SEO requirements like a product pro
  3. Write 1-pagers / product requirement documents (PRDs)
  4. Create a web development strategy to slice features into smaller releases.

Course content

Module 1: Intro to Planning

You’ll learn the basics of planning SEO projects, which means you’ll better understand the importance of planning.

Module 2: SEO Roadmaps

You’ll learn how to create an SEO roadmap, which can be used better to communicate the progress to both technical and business stakeholders.

Module 3: SEO PRDs

You’ll learn how to write a product requirement document, which means you’ll be able to spot any high-risk assumptions that will kill your project.

Module 4: Writing Requirements using Examples

You’ll learn to use examples to write specifications within your product brief, which means you can easily communicate requirements to developers.

Module 5: Web Dev Strategy

You’ll learn how to turn your SEO project into a web dev strategy, which means you’ll be able to work with your development team to slice projects into releases.

As well as access to video content, you also get practical templates, examples and scenarios, and a learning library.

Who is this course for?

  • You want the development team to hit the deadlines they set for themselves.
  • You work on websites that require custom-built SEO features to solve problems.
  • You’re finding that SEO projects are constantly delayed due to “unknowns” blockers.
  • You’re working on complex SEO features that need to be broken down into smaller pieces.
  • You are proactive in wanting to find new ways of effectively working with your development team.


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