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Understand how it's in your power to make a difference and analyse the best way forward for your marketing team and wider business.

Rebekah Conway

Rebekah Conway

SEO Manager at Travel Chapter

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Rebekah began working in digital marketing in 2015 with specialisms in SEO and content marketing. She has written for Moz and Search Engine Journal and has appeared on numerous webinars and podcasts. She has also shared her knowledge at digital marketing events, including speaking on the main stage at Brighton SEO. Today she works in the travel industry, is Carbon Literacy certified, is a CIM ACIM Member and will complete a Diploma in Sustainable Marketing in 2024.

Does marketing have the power to save the world? That’s debatable, but one thing is for sure, it can make a considerable difference. Whether your agency, clients or company is already on the sustainability journey or starting completely from scratch, marketers are the secret ingredient to success.

Navigating the challenges of why sustainability is our responsibility in the first place, using your analytical skills to hone in on strategies specific to your business, implementing these strategies and measuring the results - these are some of the key takeaways you’ll enjoy from this course.

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There are some fabulous books published covering both sustainable traditional marketing and web design, but very little is available surrounding digital marketing. That doesn’t mean that it’s not important…it just hasn’t been covered yet.

We will compare some historic business practices to how businesses operate nowadays. We will also look at customer behaviour and how it is shifting towards belief-driven buying and the impact this has on businesses.

This can feel like a daunting topic, but together, we will break it down into manageable chunks so that you can create an impact that goes beyond transactions and revenue (although sustainable marketing helps with that too!)

Think of this session as a journey from where we have been, where we are now and where we have the potential to go.

Analysing your business:

Once we’ve looked at the landscape as a whole, you’ll turn your focus to your brand. We will use marketing frameworks to carry out an internal and external situational analysis. It’s only by knowing where you are that you can choose where you want to go.

Finding opportunities:

In our next session, we will look at the options available surrounding sustainability and you will come up with various potential strategies you can opt for. This will tie into session one and we can help each other figure out some potential avenues to explore.

Whittling it down and creating a strategy:

Now we have all of the information available to us, we will use frameworks to analyse the best strategy to pitch to your business. We will also create a communication plan (internal and external) to get the ball rolling and your business…thriving (you’ll get that joke by the end of the course).

Who is this course for?

If you’ve ever felt that you’re in an unethical industry and want to make a change, this course is for you. Whether you have a great knowledge of sustainable marketing or only heard about it last week, you’ll be in good company. If you like using frameworks to analyse the best strategy, sign right up!

This course will include tons of resources, but expect to get hands-on with exploring potential strategies, whittling it down to the best option for your brand and creating a digital marketing strategy to communicate sustainability in an authentic way. Agency or in-house - all are welcome.

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