Tue 26 June 2018 – 68 Middle Street, Brighton

We’re hosting an intimate, interactive and hands-on event concentrating just on Ecommerce Marketing and SEO.

Whenever we organise a session on ecommerce at BrightonSEO it’s always standing room only, so we’ve decided to launch a specialist spin off summit dedicated to SEO and the world of online retail.

For our first we’re keeping it small with less than 50 attendees.

You can expect detailed ecommerce specific talks, honest panels discussions and exceptional networking with other ecommerce marketers.


Who’s speaking


Dan Patmore –  Senior Natural Search Manager at  Argos & Joe Ford-SEO Consultant at  Organic –  Risky Business: Navigating the pitfalls of website migration

Dan has been with Argos for 12 years and has 14 years marketing and digital experience. He is currently responsible for developing, championing and executing the Argos Natural Search Strategy. Having been part of Argos’ digital teams for the last 8 years, Dan has a wealth of experience in enterprise in-house search.

The risks of big website change, including migration, HTTPs, Mobile first. What to look out for and how to successfully navigate the pitfalls


Irina Nica – Content & Outreach Strategist at  Hubspot – Tried-and-Tested Link Building Tactics That Work For “Boring” Pages (Offers, Product and Pricing Pages)

Irina is a driven marketer with over 10 years of experience in content marketing and SEO. As part of HubSpot’s SEO team, she is responsible for the company’s off-site SEO strategy. Prior to joining HubSpot, Irina was the Marketing Manager for the award-winning SEO tool, SEOmontor.com.

Links remain one of the most important search ranking factors. Yet, building links to content offers, product or pricing pages — all the “boring” pages of a website — is one hell of a challenge. If you manage to get it right though, you hit the jackpot: more brand awareness, more qualified organic traffic and, ultimately, more customers for your business. This session will focus on three tested tactics almost any business can use to build their authority and get their money-pages to the top of the search results.


Katherine Khoo – Managing Director at  iPages  -The importance of understanding Product Schema & what this means for SEO’s

Katherine runs iPages, the UK’s multi-channel eCommerce & Inventory management platform. She spends her life talking about buying/selling online (every girl’s dream) and finding tools to make that easier.

Structured Data is great, but how do you use this within an eCommerce website? Within this talk, Katherine shares how they worked to implement product schema, what this means when selling cross-platform and the resulting increase in product visibility.


Kunle Campbell – Ecommerce Consultant at  2X eCommerce – The Need for Speed in the retail-driven mobile web

Kunle advices and helps direct-to-consumer retail brands profitably acquire customers by through paid media, conversion optimisation and search marketing. He is also sometimes referred to as ’the ecommerce traffic and conversions guy’.

Kunle hosts the 2X eCommerce Podcast, a top charting podcast on iTunes business and marketing categories.


James Brockbank – Managing Director at  Digitaloft – The State of eCommerce Content Marketing 2018

James is Managing Director & Founder at Digitaloft, a multi award-winning SEO and Content Marketing agency, specialising predominantly upon landing big links for clients in the B2C eCommerce space through story-led content campaigns. He’s a regular columnist for Search Engine Journal, a regular conference speaker and a self-confessed LinkedIn addict.

Backed by the findings from a 2018 research study conducted by Digitaloft, the session will explore what is (and isn’t) working when it comes to eCommerce content marketing that is intended to earn either links or social shares.

AMP, PWA and Dynamic Checkout buttons and their overall implications on ecommerce SEO.


Dan Saunders – New Business Manager at  Branded3 – Amazon Search Optimization: The usurper of Search

Dan is the New Business Manager at Branded3 and works closely with the directors to identify new opportunities by generating quality leads and managing the translation of the business strategy into clear actions.

Google own Search right? Wrong! in this talk I’m going to look into the rise of Amazon Search Optimization and share with you, how to rank higher on Amazon. Why should we care? Because 45% of the UK Search on Amazon before they use Google and in the US it’s 52%. This combined with the rise of voice search, where Amazon again are crushing it, means we as SEO’s need to be prepared.




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