What are you doing about Covid-19?

We’re working hard to make sure people are, and feel, safe at our events. You can read more at brightonseo.com/covid.

How many people attend?

BrightonSEO is probably the biggest SEO conference in Europe, and potentially the world. Over 8000 people attend the event over the three event days – we had to switch to a ballot for the free tickets as we kept crashing ticketing websites, selling them out in just a few minutes.

What do you get with the different ticket types?

There are five main ticket types for brightonSEO:

  • brightonSEO ballot tickets
  • Friend tickets
  • Fringe tickets
  • Training tickets
  • Fringe ballot tickets

Each ticket comes with its own set of perks, so be sure to understand what your ticket gives you.

What's the Ballot all about?

You may have heard how brightonSEO started out – our founding aim was to make the conference free to as many people as possible, especially to those starting out in the industry. This was all well and good in the beginning but, as we grew, the demand for free tickets all got a little silly.

Our September 2017 conference saw the free tickets sell out in four minutes. In April 2018, so many people tried to get hold of tickets they crashed the ticketing platform, even though it had previously handled some of the biggest events in tech. Demand was mind-boggling.

We found ourselves with a choice, find a bigger venue (which would mean moving out of Brighton) or handle the free ticket release differently.  Most event companies would just make all the tickets paid for, but we decided that wouldn’t work for us.

So we decided to hold a Ballot. Once you’ve registered your interest, we let you know once you are allocated a ticket, and then you’ll have seven days to respond. If you don’t register your ticket in that time, the offer is withdrawn and passed to the next person on the list. If all that seems like too much bother, you can still buy a Friend ticket which will guarantee you entry to the conference.

What do Ballot ticket holders get?

The brightonSEO Ballot ticket gets you access to one day of the conference (Thursday or Friday as specified on your ticket).

A Fringe ballot ticket will give you access to the named Fringe event on the Wednesday only (it doesn’t include the brightonSEO conference on Thursday or Friday).

What do Friend ticket holders get?

As a Friend Ticket holder you get everything a free ticket holder gets, entry to BOTH days of brightonSEO plus you will receive a Friends goody bag which can be picked up from the Friends Desk.

Do you post goody bags to international Friends?

If you’re coming from outside the UK, your goody bag will be waiting for you at the Friends’ desk.

What do Training ticket holders get?

Training ticket holders get everything provided to Friend ticket holders plus an additional day of training the day before the conference. You also get lunch during the training day.

Can I switch between talks during the conference?

Worth noting, as each of the spaces are quite far apart (and often quite busy) you can easily switch tracks in-between sessions, but not in-between individual talks. You’ll need to pick an entire track to attend in between each break.

Is the training the same day as the conference?

The training is the day before the conference starts. If you’ve got a training ticket you should receive an email with details of where your training is taking place a week before the event, if you’re not sure please let us know.

Do I need to bring my ticket or name badge?

We email name badges as a print-at-home PDF in the days and weeks before the event – please print it in colour and bring it with you. Lanyards and badge holders are there to collect at registration.

If you forget to bring or are unable to print out, you will be able to get one on site, but it may delay your registration process. You’ll need to scan the barcode in the badge email (from your phone) or give a member of staff your name and your badge will be printed. Please be aware there may be a queue for this.

It may also be helpful to bring photo ID with you, particularly if you’re attending the event parties.

Does the event have Wi-Fi?

There will be wi-fi in the venue on the day but not many venue networks can handle thousands of SEOs. So please don’t get grumpy if the wifi is slow, falls over or can’t handle downloading torrents!

Is lunch provided?

We don’t provide lunch for those attending Fringe conferences or brightonSEO on Thursday and Friday. We do provide lunch on Wednesday for people at our training workshops.

Free tea and coffee is provided during the breaks. There is a pay-for cafe and a small number of concessions in the venue and a huge number of restaurants and pubs within minutes of the venue.

Do you share slides from the event?

Lots of speakers share their slides on Twitter and people share round-ups of all of the slides.

Do you video record the talks?

The talks are filmed live at the event and presented on the online version of the conference two weeks later. They also go into our Video Vault.

Does the event have a dress code?

The event has a casual dress code. If it’s hot … Kelvin, the organiser, has been known to wear shorts!

Does the event have a cloakroom?

Yes. The cloakroom is supervised but we don’t recommend leaving valuables. The cloakroom can get quite busy and may fill up so we suggest you leave your luggage elsewhere if you have a safe and secure option, e.g. leave it at your hotel.

Is brightonSEO accessible?

Our event app includes a stair-free map of the venue.

We reserve a few ‘priority seats’ at the front of each conference room for anyone who needs to be towards the front with good sightlines. The seats will be marked with a sign, but please speak to the stage manager in each room if you need help.

The Brighton Centre has excellent accessibility standards, and you can find a range of information relating to the venue, parking, toilet facilities and more on the venue’s website.

We think it’s important that everyone feels welcome, so if you have requirements which aren’t covered by the venue’s website, or need any other specific information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch: welfare@roughagenda.com

Why is this event free?

There are different types of tickets to brightonSEO, some are free and some are paid for. As a whole, about half our revenue comes from ticket sales and half from sponsorship. The sponsorship and choices like not providing lunch allow us to offer a significant proportion of our tickets for free.

Where can I get dinner after the conference?

There are so many choices in Brighton but the area around the conference venue can get busy so if there is somewhere in particular you’d like to go it’d be worth making a reservation in advance.

Any tips for international attendees?

People from all over the world attend BrightonSEO to expand their search marketing knowledge and meet other SEOs. We’ve pulled together a page of recommendations for international attendees.

Who attends brightonSEO?

With 8000 attendees there’s always someone working in a similar company or sector to you. The best way to meet them is coming along to one of the networking sessions or via the event app. We’ve shared some analysis of who attends brightonSEO here.

How do I get to and from the airport to select hotels/venue?

We’ve pulled together a bit of a travel guide but if you’re after some local advice just drop an email to hey@roughagenda.com

Is the conference hotel nice?

We don’t have one specific conference hotel for the event, there are too many attendees for that!

We’ve teamed up with Nubreed Hotels who’ve negotiated discounts with hotels in the area. Be quick though, we tend to pack the hotels out at event time!

How far is it from the venue?

Brighton is a very small city, so much so they had to ask neighbouring Hove to join up to get city status. Most of the major hotels are walking distance from the venue and if you do opt for a taxi it won’t cost much.

Is the area around the event safe for me to walk around at night?

Brighton is a very friendly city but all the usual advice about UK cities should apply. Some areas of town like West Street do tend to get a little rowdy on Friday and Saturday. This is mostly hen and stag dos, but it pays to be sensible. Uber do operate a small service in the city and Streamline are a reputable taxi firm.

I need a Visa, who do I contact for an invitation letter?

Please send the following information to andrea@roughagenda.com:

  • Name
  • Company
  • Job Title
  • Dates Travelling
  • Passport Number


Do people attend BrightonSEO from the USA?

Even when opting for our paid ticket options and accounting for flights to Brighton’s famous seaside, we almost always come out cheaper than attending a conference of similar scale in the USA. Don’t believe us? We’ve done the maths here.

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