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You’ll no doubt have heard us tell the story of how BrightonSEO started out as a couple of dozen mates meeting in the upstairs room of a pub. You’ve also probably heard how we’ve had to move through various venues as more and more people from around the world come to the south coast, so they can meet and learn from other SEOs.

As we’ve moved through those venues we’ve not only grown massively, we’ve also had the free conference tickets sell out quicker and quicker.

For September’s event in 2017, 3000 free tickets went in four minutes.

On ticket release day for April in 2018, so many people tried to get hold of free tickets that the ticketing platform crashed, even though it had previously handled some of the biggest events in tech. The demand was mind-boggling.

It’s been great to have scarce and sought-after tickets, but this was getting silly.

Most event companies would just make all the tickets paid for at this point, but we decided that wouldn’t work for us.

We like having three different types of tickets:

  1. A free option that’s great for people starting out in the industry
  2. Friends tickets, which give people a chance to secure a ticket easily and enjoy perks like VIP wifi and our famous merch (Especially valuable if their time is precious)
  3. Training tickets, for people who really want to get the most from the event. They arrive a day early for a full-day of training to delve deep into one topic and then get the variety of the conference as well

So, we found ourselves with a choice: find a bigger venue (which would also mean moving out of Brighton) or handle the free ticket release differently…

We’ve moved free tickets to a ballot.

At 10am BST 14th November, we will open a ticket ballot application for 48 hours for tickets to April 2019’s conference..

We’ll send a reminder email when the ballot opens. In that period you’ll be able to submit your details for a chance to get a free-of-charge ticket to the conference.

We’re not sure how many people will apply for tickets, but assuming we get more than we have available we’ll use the blockchain and a sophisticated algorithm to share out the tickets…

…actually, we won’t, we’ll just use a clever spreadsheet to allocate tickets.

On the 19th November we’ll start allocating the tickets in waves.

And, if that is all too much of a nightmare, you can buy a friends or training ticket, guarantee your spot, and skip all the malarky.


Join the ballot

This article by Kelvin Newman was posted on 18th June 2018

Kelvin Newman is the Founder of Rough Agenda, a company that arranges specialist digital marketing events including BrightonSEO. In 2014 Kelvin was voted by econsultancy as the most influential individual in digital and in 2013 won the Search Personality award at the UK Search Awards.

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