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When brightonSEO was just a twinkle in our eye I went along to a UX Brighton Conference at the Salis Benney Theatre which was a huge inspiration for us getting brightonSEO off the ground.

One of the amazing speakers there was Rory Sutherland, after the talk I knew straight away that I wanted to organise an event and have him speak.

It’s quite a few years later, but I’m so glad he will be our closing keynote speaker on April the 7th.

If you don’t already know, Rory is the Vice-Chairman of Ogilvy and Mather Group UK and his TED talks have had, in combination, over six million views. This one Sweat the Small Stuff is my favourite.

Rory’s talk will ask ask us, are we creating a business culture where it pays to be boring?

“Imagination is unpredictable. Messy. It usually requires someone to let go of a deeply cherished belief. For this and a host of other reasons, we are creating a culture in business where it is better to be precisely wrong than vaguely right, and where it is much easier to be fired for being unconventional than for being unimaginative.”

I cannot wait.

Speaking of formative experiences, it may surprise you to learn I didn’t grow up planning to run a search marketing conference (not that I’m complaining) instead I wanted to run a record label.

That never quite happened, unless distributing hundreds of CD-r copies of my mates band’s demo recordings round the college canteen counts.

Everyone I spoke to about the music industry told me I needed to read “The Manual, HOW TO HAVE A NUMBER ONE THE EASY WAY” by KLF.

I never bought it because the paperback is £183 on Amazon. But I have good news it’s available for free online here.

It was written before the Internet as we know it but still more useful marketing advice than most digital marketing books.

Here we have a pretty interesting explanation of how Google are using Machine Learning to detect spam in their App Store. It doesn’t take a genius to see why reading this might be important to those of us interested in their web results.

Apple Gets Into Position for the Voice Search Revolution – I’ll confess most my search on Siri involve Pokemon Go evolutions me and my son are interested in, but I like David and Mike’s thinking on the search implications of Airpods.

Amazon is flirting with paid search on Alexa – I find writing paid search adverts hard enough already before having to get them read out by Alexa.

When Google “helpfully” roll out a new feature that’s probably going to cost you money it’s nice when something like this happens in response. A script to automatically pause ‘Added by AdWords’ ads in your account.

No matter how sophisticated marketing gets you still can’t beat changing your name as a PR stunt. “David Draper legally changed his name to make sure his dental practice stayed on top.

Google AMP results in Google News more than double – If you work in publishing it’s inevitable AMP is already top of the to do list, but if you don’t then data like this should make you start to take more notice.

The tech world’s all talking about Snap Inc/Snapchat’s IPO filing. One thing spotted by the eagle eyed Dan Barker is that, Snapchat are funding roughly 0.5% of Google’s entire revenue. And ironically probably there best play in the social space.

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