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This talk was originally delivered by Polly Pospelova during a brightonSEO Conference.

Google cares about user metrics such as CTR form SERPs or user dwell time on page/site. In addition, Google doesn’t like doorway pages, pages created purely to attract traffic from search resutls which do not form part of natural navigation for real users. 

Google have been talking about these changes for a long time. So why so many websites continue with the ‘doorway page’ approach and ignore the importance of real user metrics?

In this talk Polly will be sharing some simple and actionable tactics to replace ‘doorway page’ approach and create killer landing pages for real users which rank well and form part of primary navigation.

Polly is a Head of Search at Delete agency. She is a search professional who thrives on finding the best route to deliver the client’s aims and growth. She has a strong ROI focused approach and a wealth of experience in delivering successful search and digital marketing campaigns and enterprise level website applications. 

As well as managing Delete’s visibility team, she works with user experience designers and technical developers to advise them on strategies, analytics and implementation.

Check out this episode!

This article by was posted on 30th August 2017

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