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This talk was originally delivered by Sean Butcher during a brightonSEO Conference.

The canonical tag has been a fundamental part of technical SEO since 2009 – preventing content duplication issues, consolidating link signals and helping to determine which URL is included in Google’s index.

However, there are so many uses of the canonical tag which are rarely used, either because the SEO is unaware of its full potential, or because incorrect implementation could result in things going very wrong. 

This talk will cover a number of canonical tag uses that you may not have considered before, discussing how to implement them successfully, and also highlighting some key things to avoid.

Sean is the Head of SEO at Blue Array – a boutique SEO Consultancy based in Reading, Berkshire. 

With over seven years of industry experience at agencies across Greater Manchester, and more recently in the south of England, Sean has developed a well-rounded knowledge of SEO, enabling him to identify and develop successful and sustainable strategies for his clients. 

He currently oversees numerous aspects of Blue Array’s day-to-day operations, as well as managing a number of the agency’s largest client accounts.

Check out this episode!

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