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We’ve been sending emails out for years on brightonSEO’s behalf, and if I’m honest with myself, there’s probably too many that are 100% focused on encouraging people to attend the event. Which isn’t really our style.

So here we have it, a more editorially email sharing things I’ve found interesting in and around the world of search marketing.

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Killing Giants: How to Beat Big Brands in Google Search – To say this guide is in-depth is an understatement, literally a step by step case study covering how Ross and his team took on a tricky travel SEO project, The kind of blog post that doubles the length of your to-do list.

31 Must Know Stats About The Continuing Growth of Voice Commands With Smartphone – My favourite anecdotes right now are in-advertant triggering of voice commands, like the TV news report triggering Amazon orders for doll houses or the university seminar where iphones were mis-hearing “Marxist theory” as “hey Siri”. Both fun stories but nowhere near as useful in the day job as these great stats from Eric.

Making Sense of Amazon’s Push Deeper Into Local – Since I got my Amazon Prime membership a few years ago I’ve really noticed how many of my own online purchase searches are beginning Amazon rather than Google. It really is the elephant in the room how little SEO events like BrightonSEO (and the industry as a whole) talk about Amazon and search. That growing realisation is only further supported by this great conversation between two very smart people – David Mihm & Mike Blumenthal

ALEXA: AMAZON’S OPERATING SYSTEM – continuing this round-ups “Amazon are going to take over the world” theme is this long-read on Alexa as the next big OS. Obviously it’s interesting on Jeff Bezo’s posse, but I enjoyed the history lesson on Apple and Microsoft as well.

What We Learned From Analyzing 1.4 Million Featured SnippetsGhergich & Co. teamed up with SEMrush to conduct an in-depth study on featured snippets. There’s loads to digest in the research, but I can immediately imagine using this image as part of any explanation I do about keyword research.

Trust is earned in drips and lost in buckets. Every clickbait headline endangers customer trust. – Plenty of nodding along whilst reading this one about the dopamine hit of producing click-bait content v.s. Something a little bit more substantial.

Clustering Vs. Classification: How To Speed Up Your Keyword Research – I’m always interested in how other people go about their keyword research process. It really is the foundation on which the rest of your search marketing is built. After reading this I feel I’ve probably been going about the process in a fairly simplistic way.

WHICH KEYWORDS HAVE THE WORST CTR? – Talking of keyword research you need to know which keywords are triggering SERPs where people aren’t clicking through to any of the results. Ross has got you covered.

This 8-Page Website Generated Six-Figures in its First 8 Months – the title onthis is a bit over the top, (Sorry Glen) but the article contains some simple but immediately actionable advice to capture more search traffic. Which isn’t to be sniffed at.

Want to see if the same search query is appearing in different ad groups? This one’s pretty straightforward, a script that helps you avoid duplicating keywords across ad groups.

What Crawl Budget Means for Googlebot I never complain when Google go on-the-record about concepts that are widely used in the industry. So thanks Gary for this one.

The Future Of Brighton Dome – Not long now until we’ll be at the Brighton Centre for our second event. Long term attendees of brightonSEO might be interested to know about a huge refurb scheme taking place at our old home – The Brighton Dome. It’s ambitious and looks like it’s going to make a great venue even better.

Why email rules content marketing? Did you know we release most of the talks from brightonSEO as podcasts? It takes me a while to get them all edited and published but there’s a growing archive up on our website, iTunes and Soundcloud. If our stats are to be believed this one from Steve Linney is striking a real chord with our listeners.

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