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When we start talking about how many days there are until brightonSEO is away, I know it’s time to start taking preparation seriously. We’ve got just 55 days to go and lots of decisions to make, like… Do we want to do the tie-dye again? Who opens on the main stage? How to design the signage so people don’t get lost? And most importantly, what’s on the conference Spotify playlist.

But I managed to steal a few minutes away this week to realise I’ve forgotten how to mountain bike and compile this week’s onSEO.


While we’ve all been talking about voice search, there’s a chance we might have missed the huge potential of visual search. Purna’s got that covered at the conference and this move from Pinterest does seem interesting – Pinterest introduces Lens, a Shazam for objects in the real world.


It might be a bit last minute but we’ve introduced a brand new course the day ahead of brightonSEO on Managing Search Engine Crawling and Indexing. An excellent technical topic especially when the Advanced technical SEO course sells out in the next week or so.

I love Etsy – not just because I like twee badges and hand-drawn greetings cards but also because their in-house SEO team are doing an exceptional job of sharing their SEO experiments. This is there latest Multivariate Optimizing Meta Descriptions, H1s and Title Tags, with three very practical takeaways.

Before brightonSEO was a conference it was an informal beer-y meet up (quelle surprise!) and the first proper one ended up in Jack Hubbard’s Kitchen. Despite this clear high water mark in his career, Jack had a role in producing one of my favourite keyword research tools and has pulled together this guide on using the free tool to carry out keyword research for craft beer breweries. It’s like a Venn diagram of my interests.

Yet another example of inadvertent voice assistant activation during the Super Bowl.

Google is apparently testing a new, direct to the Knowledge Panel call to action from local business owners. It is similar to, but different than the Google Posts. Get the full write up here.

Looking for a new piece of work to add to your paid search work plan? I’ve got good news. Pinterest begins rolling out search ads for keywords and shopping campaigns.

Understanding Mobile-First Indexing – The Long-Term Impact on SEO A long-ish read from Cindy Krum on some of the bigger implications for SEO of Mobile Indexing.

And now we reach our last link of the week, I thought two stories about Pinterest wasn’t enough so here’s a third. Not quite as good news as the other two though. Has been hit by Google’s Interstitials Update?

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