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This talk was originally delivered Meghan Burton from Epiphany during September 2016’s brightonSEO Conference.

Meghan is Director of SEO at Epiphany, pleased to be responsible for not only developing their approach to SEO but also for a whole bunch of incredibly smart, innovative SEOs in a team of 17 based in Leeds.

They pride themselves on their forward-thinking, user-focused approach to SEO, with everything in house to create incredible campaigns alongside our skills in technical SEO and content strategy. They also provide paid search, display, CRO, and web development for an array of fantastic clients.


In the talk Meghan breaks down a different-to-the-norm approach to content; first of all, why it doesn’t work to have a page for each keyword you might want to target, using real examples from our client work.

This is followed by an approach to keyword research which follows the user’s journey through a purchase path – money keywords are missing a trick – and finally with how important audience analysis and understanding is to the whole piece (essentially arguing why this should come first and help inform your keyword research).

Check out this episode!

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