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‘That banner following me around is just so highly annoying!’ I hear a person say at one of our marketing events, which we organised in partnership with Google UK about a month ago.

Indeed – why is that banner following him around so persistently?

What has he done in order to deserve this terrible UX (user experience) within the search giant Google’s network? Isn’t it all about positive and relevant user experience nowadays? Isn’t that exactly what Google preaches about to its advertisers? Isn’t this why Google update its famous algorithm on a regular basis (and keep us marketers on the edge of our seats all year round!).

It is.

But not all marketers are quite there yet.

The rise of highly relevant, personalised and individual remarketing era is here.
We, as marketers need to understand, that not only it’s the era of remarketing, it’s the era of extremely sophisticated remarketing. And this includes knowing who our customer is, how they behave at any given time and place, and what are their:

I want to know
I want to go
I want to do
I want to buy
– moments.

It’s all about ‘ME’.

Hence – it’s our challenge, as marketers, to ensure that not one of our customers (or our client’s customers) feel frustrated by a persistent, stalking banner.

We need to be in the know of what they want to see, hear and do – at all times.
And this is where the more advanced remarketing tactics come to play.

Few years back, remarketing was very much for the masses.

You implemented a remarketing pixel, collected data on who might have visited your website previously, and displayed banner ads to them within the (more or less) relevant environment, hoping to get the right ‘activation’ message across once again.

This is where the frustration comes in, and the masses are getting increasingly annoyed about ‘being the masses’.
We are individuals, we have our own wants and needs – we are savvy consumers and we don’t have time to be bothered with irrelevant matters.

‘Me’ matters.

Our customers need to be respected and valued as individuals, and as such – our customers and clients need to be remarketed to as ones.

Remarketing lists

Google and Facebook (the two biggest marketing platforms in the web right now) have been rolling out several new advanced methods of remarketing more effectively to our audiences – knowing remarketing is the way forward and therefore needs to be developed further in order for advertisers to keep on using their platforms for paid media.

We can now retarget in several ways in order to improve conversion rates and relevancy:

The list goes on. You can create as many as 2000 remarketing audiences within Google Analytics. Facebook remarketing works pretty much in a similar way. After all, Facebook is the world’s largest database of ‘US’.

By creating highly segmented audiences for your remarketing campaigns – you can ensure you show the right kind of message, to the right kind of audience, at the right time and relevant environment.

If all marketers would act on this to this advanced level, we most likely would not have too many ‘stalking banners’ around.

Sure, we don’t always get it right, but at least then, again with the advanced methods of remarketing techniques – we can pace the frequency of showing ads, and identify a point of ‘changing strategy’ if we notice that our target audience is not taking action.

The beauty of remarketing, when done right – is that it can really drive efficient, high value ROI. Done incorrectly, we can risk doing damage on our own, or our client’s brand image.

Ensure you are not left behind; the ‘I’ has come back in play during 2016!

It’s all about ‘ME’ – marketing, and remarketing will be one of our greatest tactics to gain the (right kind of) attention from our potential customers.



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