Content Production

21 Apr, 2023
11:45 AM - 01:00 PM
Auditorium 1
Andy Timmins

Using Python with (Chat)GPT to help automate content creation

Auditorim 1

In this talk, Andy will go through how Online Marketing Surgery integrated content creation automation into their workflow, providing use-cases, examples and demonstrating a number of positive end-results. Andy will be providing all material shown as a download so attendees can use, modify and get started on their own content creation automation journey.

Andy Timmins

Online Marketing Surgery Ltd | Lead Developer

Greta Munari

The redemption of content automation: how to scale unique content to 4M+ pages 

Auditorim 1

In this talk, Greta will walk you through how Trainline scaled high-quality human written content to 4M + pages without using AI tools and created customer-oriented pages while improving rankings along the way.

Greta Munari

Trainline | SEO Manager

Ashley Liddell

Where should – and shouldn’t – AI & ChatGPT play a role in your SEO strategy?


Ashley will explore the temptation for brands around AI, primarily Chat GPT, with regard to SEO content efforts exploring why brands should approach the emerging technology with caution. Whilst this incredible technology will no doubt influence the world of SEO, brands need to remember what’s most important in 'search', therefore Ashley will establish what these factors are (briefly), before exploring how AI could assist with meeting these needs OR Identifying the shortcomings of AI in meeting these considerations. (This will include fundamentals like EEAT, Uniqueness/Originality, Brand/TOV etc). Finally, Ashley will challenge the audience to consider the implications of the use of AI on the future of Search leaving the audience with best practise recommendations on using AI in SEO for the immediate future alongside considerations for the medium-to-long term future.

Ashley Liddell

Reprise | SEO Content Lead

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