20 Apr, 2023
10:00 AM - 11:15 AM
Syndicate 1&2
Duane Brown

How to automate data from Shopify to Google Ads!

Syndicate 1&2

We are going to talk about automation in the world of ecom data and Google ads. Free up your time to work on the funnest part of your job. We are going to cover: - What tasks should be automated because not every repetitive task should be - What data can you push into Google ads - How you would use that data and why you might want to use it - What tools, including Zapier, can you use to get data in Google ads - Our favourite uses cases for Zapier and Google ads - How to clean up your data" the industry's standard dummy text ever since the 1500s

Duane Brown

Take Some Risk Inc. | Founder and Head of Strategy

Making Magento magnificent for marketing

Syndicate 1&2

In this talk, Sam and Kestra will guide you through the world's leading enterprise platform, Magento (now Adobe Commerce). Learn how to make it a magnificent marketing machine with 50 rapid-fire tips that drive critical ROI and improve performance.

Sam Rutley

PushON | Managing Director

Kestra Walker

PushON | Senior SEO Specialist

Issie Hannah

SEO Autopilot: turbocharge your everyday ecommerce tasks with automation

Want to save time, become more efficient and boost your results? In this talk, Issie will share valuable insights and tips for using automation to improve your ecommerce SEO campaigns.

Issie Hannah

Tug Agency | SEO Account Director

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