Tech SEO

21 Apr, 2023
11:45 AM - 01:00 PM
Syndicate 3&4
Zahid Mahmood

Programmatic SEO with Next.js

Syndicate 3&4

There has never been a better time for using Jamstack to launch and grow online businesses and platforms. In this talk, Zahid will show demonstrate the power of Jamstack to target organic traffic from search engines.

Zahid Mahmood

Buskana | Founder

Lidia Infante

Headless SEO - How to not fuck up your technical setup

Syndicate 3&4

In this talk, Lidia overs the differences between traditional SEO and headless SEO, with an actionable checklist on creating a technical implementation that won't suck.

Lidia Infante | Senior SEO Manager

Vicky Mills

Why your tech optimisations are still sat in the backlog

Good technical SEO is the backbone that allows our content to perform at its full potential. But tech SEO tickets can end up sitting in backlogs for months, or even years. In this talk, Vicky will cover some of the commonly seen pain points, with the aim of providing actionable recommendations for improving ticket delivery and developer relations.

Vicky Mills | Technical SEO Consultant

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