21 Apr, 2023
02:30 PM - 03:45 PM
Auditorim 1

Your metrics are my metrics

Auditorim 1

SEO, CRO and User experience; 3 things that in the past have often worked in silo. But not anymore! Find out how Online Mortgage Advisor brought together these three disciplines to create a website that was better for Google, better for their users and better for conversion. Hear how they worked together to develop a strategy that stopped treating SEO, CRO and UX separately but instead joined the dots to drive more revenue in to their business.

Ashleigh Noon

Online Mortgage Advisor | Head of CRO

Sunny Matharu

Online Mortgage Advisor | Head of SEO

Chloe Smith

How content design impacts SEO & accessibility


Chloe Smith

Blue Array | Senior SEO Manager

Dr Kiran Webster

Why empathy should be a key player in your marketing strategy

Auditorim 1

As an expert in behavioural science, Kiran shares her knowledge on building real, human connections with your audience. You will learn why concepts such as empathy and attachment are critical components for ambitious brands looking to make their mark and elevate their marketing game.

Dr Kiran Webster

Reflect Digital | Behavioural Strategist

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