Posted on 20th November 2015 by Lisa Toner in Analytics

You’d like to run more tests? You’d like to reach a higher success percentage? You’d like to increase the results of your testing program?
Great, because you’re then at least thinking on how you can improve the things that you’re doing which is important to get started with. The industry average these days for finding a winning variant for your test is still around 20% so that makes it that there is a lot to gain but just making some small improvements in your testing set up.

Where do you get started? Let me start with giving you 1 take away from how we set up our testing program at The Next Web. As we focus on running on high velocity we wanted to know what our maximum potential was for testing. Do you know?

That’s why we calculated the number of tests we could run at maximum. You might be running x test a month but what if your potential was xx, you might be missing a lot of opportunities to increase your conversion rates and with that your revenue to not being focused enough on this.

You want to have more tips on how to increase the impact of your testing program? Come to MeasureFest next week to give you 10 takeaways on how to do this!

Martijn Scheijbeler leads marketing at The Next Web, he’s responsible for the execution of it’s marketing strategy involving: audience growth & engagement, marketing analytics, product and data across all projects related to The Next Web. He’ll be presenting on how to increase the maximum impact of your testing program at MeasureFest 2015.

This article by was posted on 20th November 2015

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