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In just one day you'll improve the quality and value of your SEO audits.

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April 19, 2023


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Who should attend this course?

This session is suitable for generalist SEOs and SEOs with junior/intermediate experience.

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Course Content

We’ll walk step-by-step through everything you should be including to deliver world-class audits to your clients or internal stakeholders.

There’s plenty to get through including (but not limited to!):


  • Ensuring accurate data within Google Analytics
  • GSC reports: performance, discover & news
  • Traffic breakdown by channel
  • Organic traffic over last 12-18 months
  • Organic traffic breakdown by category, device, country
  • Brand vs. non-brand traffic overview
  • Visibility over time vs. competitors
  • Assessing impact of previous algorithm updates
  • Low-hanging fruit opportunities



Crawling your site for technical insights:

  • An intro to Screaming Frog
  • Setting up your crawl
  • Customising the crawl to pull site-relevant insights
  • Maximising value from crawl exports
    • Non-200 status codes
    • Metadata
    • Image optimisation
    • Site structure
    • Thin/duplicate content
    • XML sitemap implementation
  • How to present this information to maximise buy-in and implementation (including follow-up template)

Page experience signals (Page speed, Mobile usability and Core Web Vitals):

  • Assessing our page experience signals vs. competitors
  • Measuring page experience signals using PageSpeed Insights (and other tools)
  • Most common page speed issues (Image size, compression, external JS calls)
  • How to present page experience opportunities to your development team

Google Search Console:

  • Checking for security issues or manual actions
  • Page experience
  • Mobile friendliness
  • Enhancements reports
  • XML sitemaps
  • Crawl stats
  • Using the URL inspection tool to see how Google are rendering important pages


  • Ensuring mobile + desktop parity
  • Reviewing legacy URLs
  • Getting your robots.txt file right
  • Classic tech SEO mistakes and how to fix them


  • The importance of backlinks 
  • Comparing your backlink profile vs. your competitor landscape
  • Analysing your competitors’ profiles to identify opportunities
  • Analysing your link data with Majestic/Ahrefs
  • Top performing pages on our site (and how we use this in broader strategy)
  • Handling previous negative backlinking tactics (eg. bought links or private blog networks)

Keywords & Content:

  • How to audit your content vs. competitors
  • Building a keyword gap vs. competitors
  • How to utilise the keyword gap to identify existing and new content opportunities
  • Identifying popular / high-performing content on competitor sites
  • Keyword clustering to pull out broader content themes
  • Building on your keyword gap with additional tools
  • Identifying low-hanging fruit content opportunities
  • Targeting SERP features opportunities (Featured snippets, People also ask boxes)
  • Utilising the index coverage report to highlight low-value content at scale

Meet Your Trainers

Lydia Glass

Lydia Glass | Blue Array

Tim Room

Tim Room | Blue Array

Lydia is a Senior SEO Manager at Blue Array. She has worked at Blue Array for two years but was in the digital marketing sector for a good while longer before she found a keen interest in SEO and decided to specialise. Conducting audits and implementation strategies for household names quickly became her bread and butter and Lydia loves how the landscape is constantly evolving and changing. 

Tim is a seasoned SEO manager at Blue Array and has been a part of the team for the past 2 years. With numerous years of experience in the industry, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. He is passionate about helping companies drive growth and success through SEO auditing and developing smart strategies. Tim is thrilled to be sharing his insights about the latest trends and best practices in SEO auditing.

What to expect

The process of auditing a website is one of the key SEO processes, regardless of whether you’re working for an agency, as a freelancer or in-house.

This practical and hands-on course really delves into detail on how to produce world class holistic SEO audits. These are the kinds of audits that deliver better results, that you can charge more for and that make the most of the search marketing opportunity for you or your client’s business.

The auditing process is split out into four different sections (technical, analytics, backlinks and keywords) to make for extensive 360 recommendations that truly help to move the needle and add value to your organisation.

This training course will ensure that you are up to speed with every aspect of auditing, and will offer some actionable tips on best process and documentation – including how to gain buy-in from the rest of your team.

We’ll take a walk step-by-step through everything you should be looking for and including in your SEO audits. This course should enable you to complete a holistic audit of your own site, taking into account your competitive landscape to truly add value to your organisation.

If you register for one of our training courses you don’t only get a day of in-depth and practical training from some of the industry’s most respected professionals, you also get a ticket to brightonSEO, the world’s biggest specialist SEO event.


“I would heartily recommend this course to anyone in the eCommerce field who wants to get to maximize their SEO potential. (Ecommerce Live Online)”

Jon Sharman
SEO Specialist, Life Science Group

“BrightonSEO's Local SEO Training with Greg Gifford is the perfect course to get you up to speed with all things local search, from review signals to link building, Google My Business to content creation, and much, much more. ”

Stephanie Newton
Content and Community Manager, BrightLocal

“Duncan’s CRO training was fantastic. He demonstrated the conversion optimisation process in a methodical and engaging way, using relevant case studies and activities to bring it to life. I definitely left with a reinforced appreciation of how important CRO is for us and also the confidence to strengthen our own optimisation programme.”

Sarah Wilhelmi
Head of SEO,

“BrightonSEO is THE ultimate event for anyone wanting to immerse themselves in talks from the leaders in both Search, Content and Influencer Marketing. The training sessions the day before are even more personal, supercharging you up with 1-2-1 coaching and getting under the bonnet with an expert.”

John Sadeghipoor
Global Head of Digital Marketing, FitFlop

“We attend every Brighton SEO (it's like our Christmas!)”

Laura Slingo
Digital Campaign Manager, Seeker Digital

“I've gained invaluable learnings and taken away actionable tactics and ideas for strategy formulation which I've been able to act upon almost immediately. The informal yet structured classroom style of delivery provided an excellent inclusive and engaging environment.”

Dawn Anderson
Director, Move It Marketing

“So much background information and explanations provided together with clear detailed plans for implementing what was covered.”

Mike Glaire
Director, Edinburgh Training and Conference Venue

“I had a long wishlist of things I wanted to be able to do, It was clear from the start that the trainer was a real specialist who knows the topic inside out.”

Rob Watson
Head of Marketing, Glendinning Group

“I absolutely loved the training I just attended and thought it was completely worth my time and my company's money. My head is about to explode with new information right now.”

Juliet Perrachon-Bazire d’Arguesse
Co Founder, Bébé Voyage

“I thought you’d like to know how your sessions are genuinely benefitting people and that your instructors are going above and beyond.”

Matt Allfrey
SEO Manager, iCrossing UK

Why Train with BrightonSEO

Experts, not Trainers

We won’t waste your time sitting you in front of full time trainers who haven’t got their hands dirty for god knows how long; we get experts from different fields of the industry on board to give you the information they know works, not just the theory of what’s supposed to.

Specific, Detailed and Unique

Most training providers are looking for a course they can run month after month, week after week, so they end up being general and catch-all. Not our courses … they’re more detailed and in-depth than you’ll find anywhere else.

You Drive the Agenda

We don’t drive the agenda, you do. Before each training course, we ask what you want to be taught, and we actually listen. All the workshops we run have been selected because they’re the most commonly requested training subjects useful to you.

Group Sizes

The group sizes are ideal, more than a handful to offer a bit of diversity and substance to the day, but small enough that the training can remain hands-on and personal, making sure all questions are directly answered.

The Perfect Duration

The day runs from 9.30-4.00 to keep it punchy. Any longer than that and it starts to drag, any shorter and you’re not able to properly sink your teeth into what you’re covering. Don’t worry, you’ll also get plenty of breaks to network.

Proper Food & Drink

There’s a couple of coffee breaks, morning and afternoon, and we also provide a proper lunch. That’s right, we’re talking real food with beer and wine rather than soggy sandwiches or mush slopped from a tray.

Money Back

There’s simply no worse feeling than putting aside a day out of the office to go to a training course, handing over your cash and a course failing to live up to your expectations.

We do all we possibly can to make our courses the best you’ve attended but if you ever feel we didn’t live up to your expectations, we’ll give you a total refund, no questions asked.

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