brightonSEO started out, like many a fine idea, as conversation in a pub. Kelvin Newman and some other SEOs were talking: “Why don’t we get a few people together who work in SEO, arrange a couple of talks and give people who work in the industry a chance to meet-up”. The idea was to share ideas and chat about all the interesting stuff that we can’t really talk about with anyone outside the industry for fear of them falling asleep.

Word got out and more people showed up than he expected.

So, next time he booked a larger room… again, more and more people showed up. In just a few short years brightonSEO has become one of the most popular and respected search conferences in the world. We now welcome thousands of people to Brighton’s biggest venue twice a year with more people catching the online editions.

Our aim has always been to highlight that the city by the sea is a hotbed for SEO talent, and provide a ‘Brightonian’ spin on the search marketing conference and networking event. Though the event’s now very different from that first gathering in the pub, a lot is still the same.

It’s a chance for SEOs to meet, learn and do their job a little better.

This isn’t an event that just tells you ‘content is king’ or ‘don’t translate your site, localise it’ and all those other conference cliches. It’s hands on. It’s detailed and it’s practical. Not only will it be a chance to attend a conference featuring sessions from some of rest of the world’s best search marketers, but you can even come along for free as we give away thousands of free tickets via our ballot.

We’ve come a long way from a room above a pub

With 5000 tickets for each edition of brightonSEO, people from 100+ countries joining our online events, training workshops, fringe conferences on niche topics, social events, networking, support for new speakers and all the weird silly things we do, we’ve come a long way from a room above a pub.

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