brightonSEO video bundle

Missed a talk? Want to rewatch a great one? Couldn't make it to the conference? Don't panic, you can watch the recordings with our video bundle.

Pre-order the video bundle
Filming at brightonSEO

What's the video bundle?

We recorded the talks from brightonSEO including our fringe conferences and are releasing them as a video bundle on Monday 2 October.

This will allow you to stream the talks from all three days of the conference when and where it suits you.

Pre-order now for a 50% discount

The video bundle is £250 but if you pre-order before the talks are released on Monday 2 October we'll give you 50% off.

An amazing resource

Loved a talk and want to rewatch it?

Missed some details a speaker shared?

Couldn't be in two places at once so want to catch the talks you missed?

Couldn't make it to the conference at all and want to see what all the fuss was about?

Pre-order the video bundle now.

Our bite-size 20 minute talks are a great way to refresh and expand your knowledge whether you're sitting down to really focus or just want something on in the background while you're working.

The bundle excludes Friday's keynote talk but contains all of the other talks so there's plenty there to keep you busy!

How do I watch the talks?

If your ticket includes access to the video bundle we'll email it to you on 2 October.

If it's not included in your ticket or you don't have a ticket for the conference you can pre-order the video bundle.

How else can I watch the talks?

We'll also be releasing a new talk every day on our YouTube channel from mid-December so subscribe to be notified when they are uploaded.

Don't want to wait? Pre-order the video bundle to get them sooner.