Beginners SEO

New to SEO? In just one day you'll learn the basics of search marketing. Perfect for beginners!

Beginners SEO

Who should attend this course?

This course has been specifically created for anyone new to working in digital marketing or aiming to improve the SEO for their own organisation’s website.

By the end of this session you will be able to have a hands on basic understanding of how search engines work and the basic tactics to improve the organic performance of a website in the most important search engine results pages.

Course Content

Introduction to SEO

  • What is SEO
  • Why are Rankings important?
  • How do Search Engines Work?
  • How do people search online?
  • Key SEO Ranking Factors
  • Common SEO Obstacles

Technical SEO

  • Your domain name
  • URLs
  • Crawling your site
  • HTTP Response codes
  • Sitemap
  • Controlling the Crawl
  • Duplicate Content & Cannibalisation
  • Schema
  • Page Speed
  • Google Search Console

Do your own Audit

  • Put all the technical information into practice by running an technical audit on your own website during the training.

Conducting Research

  • Keyword Research
  • Audience Research
  • Competitor Research

Content SEO

  • On Page elements
  • On Page Content
  • E E A T
  • Optimize for Keywords or Topics?
  • Images & Video Optimisation
  • YMYL
  • AI Content


  • Introduction to links
  • Internal Links
  • Menus
  • Category Pages
  • Landing Page

Off Site SEO

  • External Links
  • How to get Backlinks
  • How to create linkable content
  • How to do a Backlink Audit
  • Let’s check your backlinks

Monitor Rankings

  • Introduction to monitoring
  • Misconceptions
  • What if my rankings drop?
  • Issues to check

You will need to bring your laptop to the training to get the most out of the course.

What to expect

If you register for one of our training courses you don’t only get a day of in-depth and practical training from some of the industry’s most respected professionals, you also get a ticket to Europe’s biggest specialist SEO event.

13 Sep, 2023


Early Bird
Adam Lee

Adam Lee

No Pork Pies | Founder & Managing Director

Adam has worked in Marketing for 18 years with a specialist focus on Digital for the last 15. He worked as an SEO analyst at the leading SEO agency in the UK on some of the biggest SEO accounts in the country, before moving to a London agency to become Head of SEO. In 2009 Adam setup his own Digital Agency focused on SEO, PPC, Social, CRO and User Experience. He’s worked for big brands such as GiffGaff, Claims Direct, Virgin Holidays and many more, winning the CIM Marketing Excellence award in 2019. He is also the CTO of Mozillion, a new mobile phone marketplace.

Don't just take it from us

What people say about our courses

Why train with brightonSEO

If a bonus day at the seaside isn't enough reason for you to book one of our training sessions, here are some other things that make our training great:


Experts, not trainers

We won’t waste your time sitting you in front of full-time trainers who haven’t got their hands dirty for god knows how long; we get experts from different fields of the industry on board to give you the information they know works, not just the theory of what’s supposed to.


Specific, detailed and unique

Most training providers are looking for a course they can run month after month, week after week, so they end up being general and catch-all. Not our courses … they’re more detailed and in-depth than you’ll find anywhere else.


You drive the agenda

We don’t drive the agenda, you do. Before each training course, we ask what you want to be taught, and we actually listen. All the workshops we run have been selected because they’re the most commonly requested training subjects useful to you.


Group sizes

The group sizes are ideal, more than a handful to offer a bit of diversity and substance to the day, but small enough that the training can remain hands-on and personal, making sure all questions are directly answered.


The perfect duration

The day runs from 10am-4.30pm to keep it punchy. Any longer than that and it starts to drag, any shorter and you’re not able to properly sink your teeth into what you’re covering. Don’t worry, you’ll also get plenty of breaks to network.


Proper food & drink

There’s a couple of coffee breaks, morning and afternoon, and we also provide a proper lunch. That’s right, we’re talking real food with beer and wine rather than soggy sandwiches or mush slopped from a tray.

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