BigQuery for SEOs

BigQuery for SEOs training course at brightonSEO

Jumpstart your BigQuery journey and maximize the potential of Google Search Console Data for enhanced SEO insights.

Chris Green

Chris Green

Senior SEO Consultant at Torque

Courses: 01

Experienced search trainer & mentor.

Augustin Delporte

Augustin Delporte

SEO/Digital Analytics Consultant at Pragm

Courses: 01

Technical SEO expert specializing in the data portion of things. Augustin has more than a decade of experience in the industry and has worked both agency and client side.

Who should attend this course?

In-house Digital marketers (SEO focus) and Marketing Managers, Agency or Client-Side SEOs (without a background in SQL), Analysts working with SEO data (without a background in SQL)

This workshop covers the fundamentals of utilizing Google Search Console Bulk Export data in conjunction with BigQuery and SQL. Participants will start with an introduction to Google Search Console Bulk Export and learn how to set up Google Cloud Project and BigQuery. The workshop explores bulk export data, including reviewing test/dummy data and guiding participants through SQL basics, data types, and querying data effectively.

It also focuses on creating actionable queries for analyzing GSC data and demonstrates how to make the data portable through visualization and exporting to various formats like CSV, Excel, and Looker Studio. Additionally, the workshop addresses BigQuery cost management and provides SQL reference materials and valuable resources for continued learning.

Course content

  • Introduction to Google Search Console Bulk Export & BigQuery with SQL
  • Guiding you through Google Cloud Project & BigQuery Setup
  • Introducing the Bulk Export Data, reviewing the test/dummy data or walking through participants through their own
  • SQL basics on data types & querying data
  • Actionable Queries for Analysis of GSC Data
  • Making the data portable (visualizing/exporting), to CSV, Excel or Looker Studio
  • BigQuery cost management
  • SQL reference/help materials & resources

What to expect

Participants will need to have access to a Google Search Console property with owner permissions as well as a Google Cloud project with billing in order to take full advantage of the training.

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