Ecommerce Analytics

Ecommerce Analytics (GA4, GTM & Looker) Training

Work through the core areas of analytics that you need to be confident when making decisions with your ecommerce website data.

Anna Lewis

Anna Lewis

Founder at Polka Dot Data Ltd

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Anna has been an analytics geek for over 10 years and has been told she should change her name to Anna Lytics. She runs Polka Dot Data and has a wealth of experience training others to love GA as much as she does.

Who should attend this course?

This course is for people who have used GA4 before but want to get much more from it for their ecommerce business. This course will take you from basics to expert knowledge of how implementation and reporting can be done. You will feel confident that your GA4 is set up in the most useful way for your business reporting needs and confident that you can start using it to take your business to the next level.

Course Content

This course will work through the core areas of analytics that you need to be confident when making decisions with your ecommerce website data. From making sure you have reliable analytics in place, to improving your ecommerce tracking then finally to using all of this data by customising standard reports and automating KPI reports. It is the whole Ecommerce Analytics know how, in one day!

The schedule will include:

Set up best practise

  • Making sure your GA4 set up is correct
  • How to check your tags are working nicely
  • An Ecommerce Data Layer showcase and how to check for this.
  • Tagging marketing activity correctly to report on conversion rates and revenue by channel.

    Reports & Explorations
  • Customising GA4 Reports interface to show ecommerce conversion rate and other key changes
  • How to manage the library of reports
    Using exploration reports to make funnel reports and more in depth automated data extracts
  • Reviewing attribution reports to identify opportunities in multi touch journeys
  • Why Big Query is important

Looker Reporting

  • How to get your top metrics into an automated report
  • Free Template for a basic report
  • If time - how to combine another data set into your looker report

  • Identifying duplicate transactions
  • Other common ecomm issues
  • Any questions we have time for from you

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