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In one day, learn how to grow inbound search engine traffic, boost online conversions and stand out in today’s competitive online marketplace

Daniel Barr

Daniel Barr

SEO Consultant at Builtvisible

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Dan is an SEO Consultant at Builtvisible, an SEO specialist agency based in London. With a background in analytics, Dan takes a data led approach to putting together SEO strategies for clients to optimise their site, increase organic visibility and drive conversions. He has worked across multiple industries such as finance, legal and property but takes a particular interest in working on e-commerce sites.

Who should attend this course?

This course is designed for people who already have a basic understanding of SEO and want to enhance and improve their e-commerce website visibility in the organic search listings. It is ideal for anyone who has daily responsibilities or oversees an e-commerce website, and is looking to improve their ability to grow their inbound search engine traffic, boost online conversions and stand out in today’s competitive online marketplace.

Course Content

Complexities of optimising e-commerce websites:

  • How SEO differs from e-commerce to other types of websites
  • Common challenges with e-commerce SEO optimisation

The importance of content & SEO:

  • What are the issues with duplicated content?
  • How can I find duplicate or low quality content on my website?
  • How do we tackle duplicate and thin content?
  • How can I make room for content in my page templates?
  • Hidden and thin content on PLPs
  • Category pages: optimising category pages for search engines and users
  • Product pages: optimising product pages for search engines and users

Keyword research: where your strategy starts:

  • How to perform keyword research for ecommerce
  • How to find keywords for ecommerce product and category pages
  • How to choose keywords for ecommerce product and category pages

Site architecture & faceted navigation:

  • Ecommerce website architecture
  • Faceted navigation
  • The difference between using filters to narrow down product listings and creating unique landing pages for products
  • When to use filters and when to create listings
  • Understand links and how to develop an optimised internal linking structure

E-A-T optimisation

Ecommerce conversion

Dealing with out of stock items: retirement product strategies:

  • How an out of stock product can interrupt a consumer’s journey through a site
  • When and how to redirect an out of stock product
  • The importance of messaging around out of stock products

Link building:

  • Understanding links and SEO
  • (Alternative) link targeting opportunities
  • Most linked-to product pages from the real world
  • What makes a good link?

What to expect

Search engine traffic is key to the success of an e-commerce website. With user behaviour changing daily and algorithms continuously updating, it is difficult to stand out in today’s competitive online marketplace. In this course we want to help you understand how to keep search engines happy without compromising the user experience.

But optimising an e-commerce website for SEO has a unique set of challenges that differ from other types of sites. In this course, we will look at the different elements of SEO that apply specifically to revenue generating websites.

You’ll get practical and in-depth understanding of the best SEO strategies for e-commerce websites, as well as actionable tips and techniques that you can apply immediately to your site.

If you register for one of our training courses you don’t only get a day of in-depth and practical training from some of the industry’s most respected professionals, you also get a ticket to brightonSEO, the world’s biggest specialist SEO event.

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