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International SEO Training

Learn how to reach out, engage with and grow organic visitors from markets across the world - through research, localisation and technical implementation

Charlie Thornton

Charlie Thornton

Deputy Head of Organic at Oban International

Courses: 01

Charlie is Deputy Head of Organic at Oban International. An SEO, content & UX all-rounder with 8 years of experience, Charlie gets great satisfaction from successfully launching businesses in new markets

Image of Laura McInley

Laura McInley

Content Lead - Organic Team at Oban International

Courses: 01

Laura is a content lead in the organic team at Oban International, working with clients to produce content across a wide range of industries and markets; from ecommerce to ed tech, from Spain to Singapore. She has both agency and freelance experience in content production, and an enduring love of writing and editing. Sharing her enthusiasm for content is one of her favourite things to do, particularly in the context of international SEO, where the nuances across markets are endlessly fascinating.

Who should attend this course?

This course is designed especially for experienced digital marketing professionals who want to develop or improve their skill-set in international search

Course Content

Throughout the day we’ll cover the following topics:

Identifying markets and opportunities

Learn how to vet online markets and expansion. Oban will guide you on what key factors you will need to assess for search market opportunities.

International SEO and multilingual PPC basics

Understand the principles of effective localisation and the fundamental basics of constructing multilingual SEO and PPC campaigns in different countries and languages.

Global search engines and tactics

Gain insight into the search engine landscape worldwide, with a specific focus on Yandex and Baidu.

Global site structures and technical considerations

Oban will provide critical information on site structures that work internationally and will guide you on how to determine the best solution for your online visibility, worldwide.

Global content marketing and strategies

Find out how to apply content marketing principles globally. Oban will share what are the major global digital platforms and identify their technical consideration for market success. We will also provide insights into global social media and identify popular platforms in a variety of markets.

Cultural usability and conversion

Learn the importance of cultural usability in international conversion optimisation. We will run through an overview of major cultural usability factors and what on-page elements affect conversion in key markets.

What to expect

It is suggested that you bring a laptop for this session, although it isn't essential.

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