Paid Media Lead Generation Masterclass

Paid Media Lead Generation Masterclass

Grow Leads, Improve Quality, & Drive Revenue

Joe Martinez

Joe Martinez

International Paid Media Writer and Speaker at Paid Media Pros

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PPC since 2012 International Speaker Industry Writer Most Influential PPC Pro 2017-2021 Star Wars Nerd

Michelle Morgan

Michelle Morgan

International Paid Media Consultant, Writer, and Speaker at Paid Media Pros

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The course is divided into three sections:

Generate Leads

  • Intro & Agenda - Section 1 - Generating Leads
  • Call To Action Strategy - The Biggest Problem with Most Lead Gen Efforts
  • Call To Action Strategy - Determining What You're Going to Offer
  • Call To Action Strategy - The Price of a Lead
  • Call To Action Strategy - Building First Party Data Sets
  • Call To Action Strategy - Designing for All Stages of the Buyer Funnel
  • Finding Your Audience - Who Are They and How to Find Them
  • Generating Leads - Overview of 4 Main Channels for Lead Generation
  • Building a Foundation - Intro to Why We Need Extensive Tracking
  • Building a Foundation - Excluding Duplicate Leads
  • Building a Foundation - Creating a Database for Future Optimizations

Improve Lead Quality

  • Intro & Agenda - Section 2 - Improving Lead Quality
  • Words of Caution - Setting Proper Expectations When Qualifying Leads
  • Defining Goals - What Makes a Good Lead?
  • Ad Copy & Landing Pages - Make Your Boundaries Clear
  • Lead Gen Form Strategy - Understanding Form Impacts on Performance
  • Lead Gen Form Strategy - CASE STUDY: B2B Employee Management
  • Lead Gen Form Strategy - Tips to Improve Lead Quality with Forms

Drive Revenue

  • Intro & Agenda - Section 3 - Converting Down the Funnel
  • Data Prep - Defining Metrics & Requirements for Section 3
  • Retrieving Your Data - Creating a Workable File for Optimization
  • Timing Your Optimizations - Don't Jump the Gun
  • Attribution Matters - Understanding Why Lead Creation Touch is Imperative
  • Defining an MQL - Intro to Lead Scoring
  • Campaign Movement Strategies - Using Paid to Move Users Down Funnel
  • Developing Cost Per Lead Goals - How CRM Data Influences Top of Funnel Efforts

Each is focused on helping improve efficiency with paid media campaigns and improve results in-channel and aggregate level tactics that span multiple channels and your CRM.

3 Sections, 28 Videos, 3 Hours

Who is this course for?

Paid media professionals, agency or in-house, who are running paid media campaigns and want to see better results.


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