Python for SEO Data Analysis

Python for SEO Data Analysis Training

Gain the skills to import, process, understand and visualise your SEO data using Python.

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Ruth Everett

Senior SEO Testing Consultant at SearchPilot

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Ruth is a SEO Testing Consultant at SearchPilot, an SEO A/B testing platform and meta-CMS enabling rapid SEO changes for large websites to provide measurable, provable SEO results. She previously worked as a Technical SEO Analyst at DeepCrawl where her interest in the technical side of SEO and data analysis was sparked. Since 2019, Ruth has been integrating Python into her daily workflows. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and empowering others to harness the power of Python.

Who should attend this course?

Ever wondered how Python could help you as an SEO, or where to start with this increasingly popular coding language? This course is for you!

This course is for any SEO practitioner who works with large data sets or has to do repeated work. It will help you understand how Python can make your work faster and more accurate. There will be a particular focus on SEO but the skills will be applicable to a wide range of work.

Course Content

Python Setup

  • Introduction to Python: Get started with Python and understand it's relevance to SEO.
  • Python Syntax and Data Types: Learn the basics of Python syntax and different data types used in Python programming.
  • Troubleshooting Errors: Develop skills to identify and fix common Python errors, ensuring smooth code execution.

Working with Data

  • Explore the power of Python libraries to manage and analyze your SEO data efficiently:
  • Working with Python Libraries: Familiarize yourself with essential Python libraries used in SEO.
  • An Introduction to Pandas: Learn the basics of Pandas, a powerful data manipulation library.
  • Working with Dataframes: Understand dataframes and their importance in handling structured data.
  • Filtering and Selecting Data Based on Conditions: Master techniques to filter and select data to focus on relevant SEO metrics.
  • Sorting and Indexing Data for Better Analysis: Learn how to sort and index data to streamline your SEO analysis.

Data Wrangling & Visualization

  • Dive into data cleaning and visualization to make sense of your SEO data:
  • Understanding Data: Develop a thorough understanding of your data to uncover insights.
    Handling Null Data: Learn methods to manage missing data and ensure data integrity.
  • Introduction to Data Visualization: Create compelling visualizations to interpret and present SEO data effectively.
  • Creating Basic Visualizations to Interpret SEO Data: Use visual tools to make data-driven SEO decisions.

Extra (if time allows)

  • Automating SEO Tasks: Discover how to automate repetitive SEO tasks using Python scripts, saving time and increasing efficiency.

What to expect

  • We’ll walk you through some easy ways to start running Python code, and some quick solutions to get started with practical SEO projects. More importantly, we’ll also teach you when you should be writing your own custom code – and give you what you need to start doing so.

You will need to bring your laptop and install Google Collab (the trainer will be in touch ahead with more info) to get the most out of the course.


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What others have to say about our Python for SEO workshop

Jemma Parmar

Jemma Parmar

SEO Manager, Simply Business

This course is the best way to learn basic Python and how to use it for SEO. You will benefit the most by bringing your laptop as this is an interactive course. You will be able to problem solve, and learn the limitations and workings of Python so you can create your own code.