Mailing List

If you buy a ticket to one of our events you will receive that ticket and essential event communications through that ticketing platform (Tito, HeySummit, Luma or Eventbrite). We don’t use those platforms for any marketing purposes, only essential customer communications.

Our mailing list

Separate to the ticketing platforms we also maintain a marketing mailing list which you can subscribe to and unsubscribe from at any time. This mailing list averages two sends a week and up to three during peak event periods. Emails are sent from [email protected]

The main uses of the mailing list are:

Event and ticket announcements – We use our mailing list to make announcement about the dates of forthcoming events and when tickets are available. We also send reminders as free and paid tickets are released, when the ticket ballot opens and closes plus event reminders, speaker agenda announcements, networking party announcements and other promotional communications.

Training course promotions – Alongside the conference we run a number of training courses, these most frequently occur alongside out conference but can occur at other times of year. We use the mailing list to announce and promote these courses.

Fringe and sister events announcements – brightonSEO is our largest event but we also use the mailing list to announce and cross promote our other conferences. These events are all very similar in topic to brightonSEO and we would only promote to the list where we feel theres a really high chance of the related event appealing to the audience of the mailout.

Sponsored emails

We work with a number of business as commercial sponsors of our events, sometimes their sponsorship includes us sending an email via our mailing list on their behalf, typically content-led mailouts, encouraging you to download a whitepaper, read a blog post or attend a webinar.

These emails come from us, we don’t give the sponsor your email address or any of your details to send them.

We try to avoid sending more than one of these messages a week, typically on a Wednesday. The sponsor is always included as the sender on the email and we clearly label them at the top of the email so you know it’s a sponsored email.

These emails enable us to offer thousands of free tickets to our events so we are grateful to be allowed into your inbox.

Updating your preferences

If you’d like to opt out of receiving sponsored emails you can do so via the ‘update preferences’ link in the footer of any email from our mailing list.

You can also subscribe and unsubscribe from at any time.

If you have any questions about our mailing list please do get in touch.