Megan Roberts

SHR Group | Senior SEO Specialist & Digital Account Manager

Megan is an experienced Senior SEO Specialist and Digital Account Manager who has spent the past few years working in digital marketing agencies. With a strong focus on e-commerce and the hospitality industry, she has leveraged her expertise to drive revenue growth for her clients by creating engaging content and implementing effective digital strategies.

She is deeply committed to a philosophy of people-first SEO, believing that the heart of true engagement lies in knowing who the audience is on a fundamental level. Megan excels in creating digital landscapes where a website is more than just information; it's a bridge connecting brands with their audiences in meaningful ways.

Outside of the office, Megan can be found weight-training at the gym or taking part in aerial dance classes at the Irish Aerial Creation Centre.

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Megan Roberts's talks in brightonSEO October 2024.