Rana Abu Quba Chamsi PhD

Expando.digital | Consultant & trainer in SEO, marketing digital & AI

Rana is a seasoned data scientist, holding a PhD in data science focusing on social networks and customer behavior from leading institutions in France and the United States. With over ten years of experience in SEO and digital marketing, she leads Expando.digital, a respected agency based in Switzerland.

Rana has helped clients across Europe and the MENA region, offering consultancy and training services. Her expertise lies in creating effective digital strategies and implementing SEO solutions for businesses of all sizes. Whether it's startups, small companies, or large e-commerce enterprises, Rana is dedicated to boosting their online visibility and revenue.

Before diving into data science and digital marketing, Rana worked as a computer science engineer, which has shaped her innovative approach to the digital world. Beyond work, Rana is a devoted mother of four and is passionate about fostering healthy relationships between children, teenagers, and technology.

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Rana Abu Quba Chamsi PhD's talks in brightonSEO October 2024.