Smita Pillai | Customer Success Director EMEA

Smita Pillai has had 12+ years of experience in the Media and Advertising industry. In her role as Customer Success Director at, Smita leads the Agency customer success team that delivers world class service to clients and agency partners.

Prior to working at, Smita has had extensive global experience in the media and advertising industry across various client management roles in EMEA, Australia and India.

Her diverse professional background coupled with her personal experiences have given her a unique perspective of challenges in different work environments, and she is a passionate advocate for mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

She is also a Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Ambassador at, where she works alongside a global team of Ambassadors to actively cultivate a more empathetic and diverse workplace.

She is a Performancein editorial board member for 2022, and a firm believer in the power of mentoring programmes to support upcoming leaders. She is a mentor within the Global Affiliate and Partner Marketing Mentor Programme, and has previously volunteered with She Says on their mentoring programme ‘Who’s Your Momma’ to support women in the creative industry.

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Smita Pillai