Tazmin Suleman

Tazmin Suleman Coaching & The SEO Mindset Podcast | Mindset & Wellbeing Coach, Corporate Trainer and co-host of The SEO Mindset Podcast

Tazmin is a coach, corporate trainer and podcast co-host with over a decade of experience in personal development, who has helped individuals transform their lives both professionally and personally through the power of mindset and self-care.

In a world in which many have normalised stress as an unavoidable professional hazard, she believes well being is the power that can drive success, by building a person’s confidence, resilience and ability to handle any challenge.

Through her coaching program Revitalise, her corporate offerings and the podcast she co-hosts with Sarah Mcdowell, Tazmin strives to help others to develop self and life mastery.

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Tazmin Suleman