A guide to understanding LLMs and AI

Big models, big misconceptions, and ugly data: this talk will tackle all three. Through real-world examples and case studies, Jess will demonstrate how big models can help organizations better understand their data, optimize their content, and make more informed decisions. The talk will cover topics such as data preparation, model selection, and optimization strategies, as well as practical tips for implementing big models in the real world.

With a focus on making complex concepts accessible and engaging, Jess will show attendees that big models don't have to be scary or intimidating. By the end of the talk, attendees will have a better understanding of how big models work, and how they can be leveraged to drive meaningful results for their businesses.

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Embracing AI in SEO: how to 10x your SEO leveraging AI bots

From conducting keyword and competitor analyses to performing audits and generating reports, discover practical methods for utilizing AI in your daily SEO operations to optimize the effectiveness of your endeavors:

Enhance the caliber of outcomes and boost efficiency by automating prompts during the creation and sharing of your team's resource library.

Establish a workflow to integrate and verify AI-generated outputs within your SEO processes to guarantee the quality of the results.

Combine your SEO toolset data with generative AI to automate tasks you previously considered impossible to execute.

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Unlock the power of AI: harness AI to create your winning marketing strategy

In this talk, we will explore the immense potential of AI and its application in developing a winning marketing strategy. Our goal is to unlock the power of AI and understand how it can transform the world of marketing.

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