Search & Social Advertising Show April 2024

A brightonSEO conference track dedicated to paid search and social across search engines and social media platforms.

25 April 2024

Brighton Centre

Search & Social Advertising Show

Hands-on and practical conference talks for marketers advertising across platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Ads and Microsoft Ads.

A spin off event from brightonSEO, to help you learn more about PPC, paid media and paid social media.

A specialist paid advertising event

This specialist event will concentrate on practical and hands-on ways of making more of your search and social advertising.

Part of brightonSEO

The Search & Social Advertising Show is a track of brightonSEO so you can dip in and out to get the perfect balance of specialist paid chat and more general search marketing knowledge.

Hey, fellow search and social media advertisers!

Ready to crack the code on advertising campaigns?

Join us at the Search & Social Advertising Show, a fringe event happening at the same time in the same venue as brightonSEO.

Get in on the action with hundreds of savvy marketers delving into PPC search marketing strategies, mastering paid social advertising. If you’re running ad campaigns on Meta Platforms like Facebook & Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit, Apple Ads, Amazon or Google Ads then this is the event for you.

This practical and hands-on event will give you the ultimate playbook for thriving in this fast changing and thriving sector of digital marketing and advertising.

Get set to:

  • Elevate your paid search and social media advertising efforts with expert advice from the trenches.
  • Unearth actionable insights from your ad campaigns to supercharge your marketing campaigns.
  • Learn impactful ways to showcase the impact of your marketing efforts.
  • Network with industry experts and fellow paid media enthusiasts.
  • Explore the freshest trends shaping the future of paid search and social media advertising.

Don't miss this chance to level up your skills, gain priceless insights, and transform your approach to digital marketing. Secure your spot at the forefront of paid media revolution. See you there!

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