Avoid the 2025 web accessibility rush: do not fear WCAG compliance

brightonSEO April 2024

Learn about the EU Disability Act of 2025 and why making your website accessible is now urgent. Damien’s talk is not just about avoiding penalties but enhancing audience engagement and increasing revenue. He’ll provide easy steps make your website more accessible and user-friendly from today and share insights from his lived experience in a FTSE100 company that decided to prioritise web accessibility.

This talk is not “another web accessibility” talk but focuses on actionable strategies, showing how web accessibility is a necessary tool for improving marketing effectiveness and user experience. Damien's approach is practical, aiming to equip you with the knowledge to make essential changes to your website, preparing for a future of broader, more inclusive digital engagement.

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Auditorium 2, Brighton Centre, Kings Road, Brighton and Hove, Brighton, BN1 2GR, United Kingdom

Thu 25 Apr, 2024 | 04:50 PM

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