Iterative content strategy: workflows, fictions, and the honest truth

brightonSEO September 2023

When confronted with the question of scaling content, the urge to hire or spend more is a natural one — but it’s important to remember that scale can only happen with the right building blocks.

In this talk, Alina walks you through how went from no organic search strategy in 2021 to how they have content SEO baked into their DNA now.

While there’s a good chance that content operations as we know of today will change because of AI — who says you can’t rely on the fundamentals anymore? Set your content metronome using these principles that single-handedly reduces Aura’s customer acquisition costs.

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About this session

Auditorium 1, Brighton Centre, Kings Road, Brighton and Hove, Brighton, BN1 2GR, United Kingdom

Thu 14 Sep, 2023 | 03:20 PM