Make changes and grow a department without disruption

PR & Link Building Show September 2023

Beth will be speaking about her experiences joining a new workplace in a 'Head Of' position in her talk. Beth made the move to an integrated agency with a mix of digital and traditional clients, who tasked her with running and expanding their PR and digital PR offering.

Beth will share her advice on how she has been able to accomplish this, through identifying skills gaps in the team, running internal training sessions and attracting new business She'll also explain how she successfully implemented new processes without disrupting the team, as well as educating on the value of digital.

Traditional vs Digital PR is an ongoing topic in the digital marketing space, and Beth will also talk about how valuable she believes traditional PR tactics are to digital PR, and how teams can marry the two of them for optimum performance.

Join Beth to discover top tips for ways to make changes and grow a department without disruption.

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Syndicate 3&4 - Search & Social Advertising Show

Wed 13 Sep, 2023 | 11:30 AM - 11:50 AM