Masterclass: Introduction to machine learning for SEOs

brightonSEO October 2024

This masterclass is perfect for SEOs who are interested in practical machine learning. It is designed to walk you through not only the theory of different machine learning models but also equip you with the tools to implement everything you learn and the knowledge of applying the insights for improving your SEO.

We will walk through different beginner-friendly models like entity analysis, knowledge graphs, topic modelling, text classification, fuzzy matching, generative AI and understand how the models work, what APIs are available, how to apply them and to what data. We will also cover practical scenarios of where and why to apply the models for SEO process automation and how to use the insights to improve your SEO strategy.

Participants will walk away with both theoretical understanding, and practical knowledge of using different templates, tools, and scripts to automate components of different tasks they do, to better their overall workflows in many different SEO projects including internal linking, redirect mapping, competitor analysis and more besides.

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