Stories that sell: turning lurkers into leads

brightonSEO April 2024

In this talk, Pascalle will deep dive into the different communication styles you can use on your website to turn lurkers into leads (and paying customers). Optimising your pages with the right communication style will help you to connect with your ideal customer, close deals quicker, and build authority.

How does our brain make decisions? What are the emotional and rational markers we need to be aware of? How do you share the right story and what stories should you share? (And are there stories you shouldn't?) Pascalle will take you on a journey of the mind and the heart, and show you how to link them together seamlessly with storytelling.

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About this session

Auditorium 1, Brighton Centre, Kings Road, Brighton and Hove, Brighton, BN1 2GR, United Kingdom

Thu 25 Apr, 2024 | 01:40 PM

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