The digital generation is here: why you’re about to overhaul your online strategy

brightonSEO October 2024

We find ourselves on the precipice of a new era for marketers, where target consumers are made up of a generation of people who have grown up surrounded by technology, from smart phones to AI. Gen Z are transforming how platforms are used, be it the rise of ‘Social Search’ to the unique role that Amazon plays in securing customers. Your next-generation customers are just as (or even more…) digitally savvy than you and on top of this, are made up of a socially conscious cohort. According to The Bottom Line, a third of Gen Z consumers have abandoned a brand in the last 12 months based on its reputation for sustainability and ethics.

In short, a silo-channel or simple marketing funnel strategy just isn’t going to cut it anymore.

Yasmin will use real life examples to explore changes in the Digital Generation and share takeaways to make sure you're on the right track speaking to your potential customers.

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