The psychological hit of work failure - a guide from a digital fresher

brightonSEO September 2023

In her work with the BIMA Young Talent Council, Valentina has been exploring how hard it can be for young talents to start a career and progress in the digital industry. Our ambition and its fast pace make us think that we are not allowed to fail if we want to progress! And this is pure madness.

Failure places huge stress and pressure on talented people. But it's also the best way to learn. Valentina's ten-point guide to recovering from failure* shows talented digital professionals how to start believing in yourself again after falling in the failure spiral.

*Spoiler warning: It's not just a good plan for self recovery. It also doubles as a pretty handy guide to developing and updating an SEO strategy too!

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Syndicate 1&2, Brighton Centre, Kings Road, Brighton and Hove, Brighton, BN1 2GR, United Kingdom

Thu 14 Sep, 2023 | 01:40 PM

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